Aligned Learning champions learners of all ages to courageously grow into the explorers, creators, revolutionaries, thinkers, poets and mavericks they are destined to become.

We collaborate with individuals, institutions, experts, companies, and schools around the world in order to create aligned learning ecosystems for our clients. We have developed online accountability mechanisms with “good work” principles in mind to track client progress, to encourage fluid communication with client teams, and to ensure utilization of current research for best results.

OUR in house TEAM


Suzanne Lettrick, M.Ed., Ed.M.
CEO / Learning Strategist/ Researcher
Suzanne is our CEO and head learning strategist. Mavericks--whether in literature or real life--have inspired her since she was a teen. She has worked with and learned from mavericks such as Steve Jobs, Neal Baer, Stephen Stills and Soraya Salti. Her time with Queen Noor, Donna Karan, Quincy Jones, David Gergen and other inspirational people motivated her to investigate how each of us can courageously develop our own inner maverick.  Learning (not just in the classroom) is a key component in this process of becoming.

Initially a journalist, Suzanne began developing her specialty “deep dive learning process” in the ‘90s when assisting Smithsonian folklorists with their research-to-schools program. She applied this anthropological method of learning when hired as private enrichment educator for Steve Jobs’ family in the late 90’s. At the same time, she founded the non-profit company GLEAN and developed over 20 research expeditions for teens to explore topics of interest in remote regions of the world. Through this unique work and her work in private practice as an educator and strategist, Suzanne furthered her skill in developing personalized learning programs both outside –and in tandem with--U.S. classrooms. In 2010, Suzanne studied neuroscience and psychology in Harvard University's Mind, Brain and Education master's program in order to incorporate the science of learning into her process. With Howard Gardner as her mentor, she focused her thesis on the effect various architectures and spaces (including physical, cyber, virtual, and real world) have on human physiology and neurology and how this in turn hinders or enhances our ability to learn.  Since returning to the Bay Area in 2012, Suzanne created the unique Aligned Learning model with her team.  

Pavati Zeno, BA
Executive Director

After a stint in Advertising and Event Planning, Pavati found meaning in her work at the Laurel School in San Francisco.  She acted as the Admissions Director, Front Office Manager and On-Site Substitute Teacher for grades K – 8th. Pavati spent three years inspired by the stories of success with students and their families that were able to find success and reach personalized goals, unattainable in mainstream education.  Pavati took a few years off to focus on raising her two daughters in Marin and joined the Aligned Learning team in 2014. Pavati is the front of the house of Aligned Learning, handling day to day business objectives, professional collaboration and client services. She received her BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz.

Deep Dive Quest Developers

Suzanne Lettrick, Lucy Pecora, and Catherine Stratton make up our team of quest developers. Aligned Learning develops learning quests for clients on topics of personal interest that, in many cases, dovetail with school curriculum. In 2018, our clients have embarked on quests in the SF Bay, London, Australia and New Zealand with in-the-field guidance from real world experts. Quest themes: quantum physics innovations, calculus, character development in literature, leadership, and environmental science.

Lucy Pecora
Lucy Pecora has completed three research expeditions with Aligned Learning’s sister organization GLEAN expeditions.  Through these Aligned Learning affiliated expeditions, Lucy co-founded the Timbuktu Music Project (TMP) in 2007 supporting local musicians in Mali and raising awareness of current cultural issues through traditional music via fundraising, collection of musical instruments and community outreach. TMP is now recognized globally.   Lucy finds limitless inspiration in developing Aligned Learning Quests with our clients. Outside of Aligned Learning, Lucy is a local artist and curator. She has exhibited her own art and produced the annual “Marin County Mudshow”. 

Executive Function Coaches

Catherine Stratton, B.A.
Executive Function Coach, Writing Specialist

Catherine is a Marin County native. As a Deep Dive Quest researcher and Executive Function Coach, Catherine is excited to mentor people of all ages and help them achieve their potential. Her love of critical thinking, writing and ballet led her to receive degrees in English and Dance at Skidmore College in upstate New York.   

Katie Siembieda, BS
Executive Function Coach, Math & Science Specialist
Katie Siembieda, a Fairfax native, has been working as an academic mentor for four years. With a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from UC Santa Cruz, Katie particularly enjoys helping students improve their conceptual understanding of science topics.  Her goal is to help learners appreciate that a basic understanding of our world's physical and biological processes is useful beyond the context of a science class. Katie will collaborate with Aligned Learning and build our customized science-focused learning journeys for interested clients.

Other Experts

Dr. Alyssa Steiger, Psy.D  
Clinical Psychologist

Alyssa received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2011 from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. For the past seven years she has been working as a psychotherapist as well as facilitating group therapies. She is passionate about working with women, adolescents and older adults.  Alyssa is the mother of two girls and lives in Marin.

Barbra Rosenstein, B.A.
College Admissions Consultant

Barbra completed her certification in College Admissions and Career Planning through UC Berkeley Extension and has spent the last four years working both with private clients and assisting first-generation, low income students with their college application process.  Barbra is a member of several professional associations and attends conferences and visits campuses to stay current in the field. In a previous life, Barbra was a high school English teacher for students with varied learning styles, and experiential educator for North Carolina Outward Bound School. She graduated  with her B.A. from George Washington University.

Cami Kline Pratt, MS, LEP, ABSNP
Educational Psychologist/Neuropsychological Evaluator

Cami has over 25 years of experience working with children with a variety of developmental, learning, social/emotional and behavioral needs. With board certification in School Neuropsychology, she specializes in conducting comprehensive school neuropsychological assessments to understand a person’s learning style as well as identifying specific psychological processing challenges which can interfere with learning. Cami has a degree in Psychology from UC, Davis (1987), a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from CSU, Sacramento (1990) and a Master’s degree in School Psychology from the University of Pacific (1997). She has Board Certification in School Neuropsychology from Texas Woman’s Univ. (2008).

Cher Uberman, MS, RN, CNS, PMHNP
Psychiatric Nurse Practitoner

Cher Uberman is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist in a private practice. She specialize in the areas of Psychopharmacology (medication management), Mood Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Bipolar, Codependence, Major Depressive Disorders, Chemical Dependency, ACOA, and Addiction Recovery. As a regular guest speaker for the CHAAD Marin chapter, Cher has become a specialist in helping adults and children manage ADHD. After receiving her MS in nursing in 2001 from Florida State University, Cher received her Post Master’s Certificate Nurse Practitioner in Pharmacology from UCSF in 2007 and has been in private practice ever since.

Jennifer Labovich
Teen Life Coach

After years working in a variety of capacities with kids of all ages, Jennifer came to understand that launching a teen coaching practice was a way to formalize the work she loves and does best. Jennifer works with her teenage and young adult clients who want to develop skills of all kinds as they grow to adulthood. Drawing on her experiences as a teacher and department chair at Redwood High School, private tutor, coach, and mom, Jennifer guides her young adult clients using a goal-oriented approach combined with intuition, compassion, humor, and wisdom. As a Bay Area native, and Marin mom, Jennifer is familiar with the complex world of young adulthood, and she is adept at establishing positive and productive relationships with a variety of kids by meeting her clients where they are. When Jennifer isn’t working to support her clients, Jennifer values spending time with her family (including her own two teenage kids), traveling, and tending to her bees and home garden.

Judee Karson
Portfolio Consultant and Digital Expert

While studying Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design and Advertising at Art Center College of Design, Judee established her focus on brand storytelling.  Throughout her career, she has drawn upon both agency and in-house experiences.  She launched her career at Digitas NYC, then joined Jcrew to help develop Madewell and its commerce brand site experience. At agency AKQA, she focused on expanding both Target Style & Beauty content and commerce and most notably helped build Sephora in their multi-digital channels and in-store digital.  Judee currently consults for various consumer brands that range from beauty, fashion, beverages, and health. Judee helps our creative clients build out their portfolios whether for college applications or for deep dive learning projects. She also offers workshops in digital design and branding.

Karin Slezek, B.A. with multiple teaching credentials
Home School Consultant

Karin has a passion for and specializes in curriculum development, which has resulted in her ability to keenly understand students and tailor lessons and activities to each student's own particular needs. While homeschooling, she has become familiar with the most amazing teaching materials and curriculums that nurture and prompt children to love learning. One of Karin's strengths is to create lessons and activities that provide a holistic but rigorous learning experience that is individualized to a student's need. Karin graduated Suma Cum Laude from Sonoma State University with a multiple subject teaching credential after having received a bachelor's degree in liberal arts and education.

Meg Adelman, RN, BSN, MPH
Wellness and Nutrition Consultant
Meg co-founded Navitas Organics with her husband Zach in 2003.  The company’s mission is to honor a healthy lifestyle through the innovation of nutrient dense superfoods and snacks.  Her long-time passion for preventative medicine led her to a career in Nursing in 2008 where she worked to empower patients to embrace self-care and overcome common health problems.  Although working in the surgical field for six years provided valuable training, it reaffirmed her commitment to prioritizing prevention strategies to mitigate the pitfalls of chronic disease.  In 2017, she completed her Master’s in Public Health at the University of San Francisco while taking the majority of her courses in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts.  That same year, she launched a consulting and advocacy company, RN Health Stylist that focuses on population health education, corporate wellness programs and supporting food system reform, which she believes is responsible for many of the diseases that are crippling our healthcare system today. Meg is currently working to complete her CCMS Certification.  Obtaining the Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist (CCMS) certification provides clinicians with the comprehensive knowledge and unique perspective to deliver the most informed, practical, and effective nutritional counseling for their patients.


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