Strategy Intake

Our process:

1. Aligned Learning global concierge offers an initial intake session to individuals and team representatives to understand current goals, hurdles, strengths, needs (see philosophy page) and project time frame. Intake is in person or via Skype.
2. Following intake, the Aligned Learning strategist will create a proposal containing:

  • recommended service/s (see below) in desired time frame

  • a personalized accountability strategy to reach desired milestone

  • and estimate for services

3. When the client decides to move forward with finalized plan, a designated in-house accountability leader will supervise progress.
4. We host a check in session after a few weeks to confirm current plan is effective, or if an alteration is required. We remain engaged and do whatever it takes to ensure client success. 

In-House Services

Wellness Services

  • Neuropsychological Evaluation

  • Family and Individual Therapy

  • Stress & Anxiety Management

  • Social Skills & Communication Coaching

  • Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

Esteem and cognitive Services

  • Executive Function Wrap Around Services (organization, time management, planning, self-awareness, self-advocacy, goal setting)

  • Internship + Career Development

  • Workshops

  • Skill + Content Building Sessions

Our Executive Function Wrap Around Coaching  Service allows us to determine primary patterns keeping people from achieving success.  We develop strategies and provide an accountability mechanism that help counteract these patterns and monitor progress.  We offer “wrap around” diagnostic services for those experiencing mindset, cognitive or emotional learning challenges in academic or work settings.

We have expertise working with various types of diagnosed learning challenges (including ADHD, processing issues, dyslexia, dysgraphia).

Self actualization services

  • Deep Dive Learning Quests, local or global

  • Corporate R&D for Innovative Learning Solutions

  • School and College Path Consulting

  • Gap Experience Road Maps

  • Life + Executive Coaching

  • Journaling Workshops to Build an Aligned Life

Beyond In-House Our strategists go beyond the in-house offerings, as needed. Aligned Learning is of service wherever you are on the planet.